How to Select Modern Living Room Furniture

Living Room photoA style of decorating that is becoming increasingly more popular is the modern-contemporary theme. And while this theme is certainly lovely to use throughout the home, it can be difficult to know exactly how to arrange furniture in a way that is true to the modern theme, as well as how to accessorize the space. In this article, we will share tips on selecting modern living room furniture and accessories that speak well to the modern home.

1. Sofas and Chairs

The foundation for any living room is a comfortable place to sit. And in the modern-contemporary living room, your seating is an excellent way to set the tone for your space. If you have a small living room to work with, consider adding a loveseat and a chair. In a larger space, you can’t go wrong with a sectional or a couch that comfortably sits three. So what differentiates normal furniture with modern-contemporary furniture?Living Room photo

When browsing for your seating, it’s important to look through options that are sleek and simple. A modern loveseat or chair will be almost square-shaped, and not busy when it comes to fabric or print. Keep in mind that simplicity is the foundation for the modern-contemporary design theme, and this extends toward the color scheme. Colors used in the modern theme are crisp, clean, and neutral. Think white, gray, navy blue, black, and even cream. So when you are shopping for your furniture, look through options that feature these colors. It is recommended that you do not buy prints – plain black, white, or your chosen color is the best choice. You can accessorize your furniture later with prints, but it’s best to stay simple.

One word about selecting the color of your furniture: the modern style relies heavily on contrast. So it is recommended to choose items that set themselves apart from the color of your room. Are your living room walls white, or your carpet beige? You may want to select furniture that is gray, or black. Is your room painted dark? A clean, white loveseat will look simply beautiful.

2. Mirrors and Lighting Fixtures

This category will be relatively simple. Mirrors make excellent decoration as well as functional items in the modern home. Choose geometric mirrors, as well as lighting fixtures, that feature glass or metal. Silver or black-plated metal is your best option.Living Room photo

3. Accessories

The best way to accessorize your modern living room? Pillows, rugs, and plants. Add greenery to your corners and even place hanging foliage on your walls. Accent your furniture with throw pillows (one or two per couch, and no more than one per chair) that sticks with the modern color scheme. If you want to play with pattern, select patterns that are simple and geometric.

Rugs make a huge statement in a modern living room. We recommend a large rug, whether it be shag or otherwise. A rug that is not shag looks best when purchased in a geometric pattern. Partial to shag rugs? Select one that is not patterned, as the texture is enough character for your space. Black or white is a perfect choice, and really works to bring contrast to your modern living room furniture.Living Room photo