Simple Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank

kitchen tile photoA dull kitchen can make an appealing home look unfinished. Homebuyers often look far beyond the kitchen’s functionality. They want it to look smart. A few changes to your kitchen can make it gleam and even increase the value of the home.

That being said, here are a few kitchen renovation ideas that will transform your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Add a Tile Surround/Splash Back

One of the great additions to the kitchen comes in the form of tiles. Tiles are always in fashion and can be added along the worktop to not only add an appealing appearance but also protect the walls from water and messy accidents. Tiles ideally present a chance to show some creativity as the final result is entirely up to you.

Fit a New Worktop

Changing those out of date and dull worktops for a new design is one of the most effective ways to transform your kitchen. If you do not want to change the cupboards’ layout, the measuring is already done. Most worktops are just screwed from the inside of the cabinets. You can then add a touch of silicone sealant and completely change the look of the kitchen overnight.sink kitchen photo

Install a New Sink

If you intend to get a new worktop, then you may want to consider to install a new sink as well. Even a bargain sink will appear shiny and appealing and will instantly lend your kitchen a new look. A new set of taps will certainly extend this, and while at it, consider stripping out the crusty, leaking waste pipe and fit a new one. Even for the novice, installing a new waste pipe will just take a few minutes.

Refinish The Cabinet Doors

If your cabinet doors are made of wood, either varnished or painted, you can consider bringing them down and refinishing them with a new coat of paint, stain or varnish. You will find an array of suitable paints, stains and varnishes at your local DIY store. Installing a 21st-century handle style to your draws and doors will ideally make your kitchen look and feel like new.

Install a Laminate Floor

This is another excellent way of adding functionality and style to a kitchen. Laminate floors are resistant to water and are very easy to clean. However, you should consider a darker finish as they are harder to stain.

With these simple kitchen renovation ideas, you will have a functional and great looking kitchen, without spending a fortune.floor kitchen photo

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Important Kitchen Renovation Tips

Kitchen Renovation photoRenovating your kitchen is a wonderful idea but the execution has to be perfect.

This is why there are many variables to consider as you go through the various options in front of you. For some, it is going to come down to making subtle tweaks while others will prefer the idea of a full-out revamp.

Here’s a look at a few key kitchen renovation tips to keep in mind as you look to dive headfirst into this process.

1) Set a Budget Immediately

The first thing a person needs to do is set a budget. The goal is to know how much money can be spent on the renovation project, so you are able to map out a strategy in advance. No one should go through the process without a budget as that is how projects fail or slow down. You need to have enough money to do things within a short timespan without having to fret over the minute details.

This is why a budget is going to go a long way in setting the path for the future.Kitchen Renovation photo

2) Follow an Underlying Theme

You should always take the time for setting up an underlying theme.

The theme has to do with how the various components of your kitchen are going to come together. This is important since a mish-mash of components will not look good! You want to make sure there is an underlying color scheme that looks good as soon as you walk into the kitchen for the first time. There has to be a sense of harmony in each part so it is able to age well and look beautiful for years to come.

3) Emphasize Functionality

Indeed, you are going to want something that looks beautiful to the naked eye but what about functionality? Your kitchen has to be used on a day-to-day basis and is often a high-traffic area in the house.

This is why functionality has to be on the top of your mind as soon as you begin.

Functionality means having wider walkways, making use of the island, and ensuring everything as it the right height. If not, you may like the look of the kitchen but it may become unusable after a few days.Kitchen Renovation photo

4) Get the Countertop Right

This is where the eye is going to go as soon as someone walks into the kitchen. Being able to get the countertop right is of utmost importance or your entire project will fall apart. Too many people spend money on the wrong features and this leads to meaningless changes.

By focusing on the countertop, you will be able to get it to look the way you want and it is going to stand out for all the right reasons. In fact, granite countertops are always a wonderful option and will bring out the beauty of your kitchen immediately.

These are the most important kitchen renovation tips to keep in mind as you scour through all of the options in front of you!Kitchen Renovation photo

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Keeping it Affordable: Kitchen Renovation on a Budget

Kitchen Renovation photoIf you look at the average family, you’ll agree that people spend a lot of time in the kitchen. In fact, the kitchen is one of the most popular gathering places to not only cook, but eat, do homework, chat, etc. As a result, the kitchen reflects our lifestyle and our tastes. Remodeling a kitchen can be a pricey proposition. In fact, it can be one of the most costly home renovation projects. However, kitchen renovation on a budget is possible to create a beautiful look.

Instead of Buying New Appliances, Look for Gently Used

The most popular thing for people to do when they are renovating their kitchen is to buy new kitchen appliances. However, buying new kitchen appliances is expensive. To renew your kitchen on a budget check online for modern appliances that are gently used. Keep in mind that when you take this step, it’s important for you to ensure that the appliances are in good working order. In other words, be sure you buy from a person you can trust.Kitchen Renovation photo

Paint Your Cabinets

If there’s one thing that’s highly expensive, it’s new kitchen cabinets. However, there’s another option. Paint your kitchen cabinets for a fresh look. Go with a neutral color such as white or beige. If you choose to paint your kitchen cabinets a non-neutral color, you’ll need to make sure your creativity is helping the kitchen rather than hurting it. If you select a gaudy color that takes away from the total look, that’s not supporting your kitchen renovation project.

Paint Your Walls

Paint is one of the most affordable ways for kitchen renovation on a budget. Just like you can paint your kitchen cabinets, a new coat of paint on your walls can freshen your kitchen. Although it’s risky to use non-neutral colors on your kitchen cabinets, you can get more creative with paint for your kitchen walls. Today’s modern colors can liven up a kitchen and bring it new life.Kitchen Renovation photo

Add New Light Fixtures

Chances are the light fixtures in your kitchen are outdated. Therefore, one of the best ways to renovate your kitchen on a budget is with new light fixtures. In the 21st-century, there are many lighting options you can choose from, and you can find these fixtures at home remodeling stores. You’ll save money if you install the lighting yourself. If you are unable to do this, you’ll need to hire someone to do it and add that to your cost.

Replace Your Sink and Faucet

Another affordable way to update your kitchen is by replacing your sink and faucet. Today’s sink and faucet designs are modern and beautiful and can truly add to the look of your kitchen. Again, these can be found at home improvement stores and installed yourself.

The kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in your house. Therefore, it makes sense that you’ll want to remodel it. If you’re worried about the cost, consider renovating your kitchen on a budget. These ideas can get you started.Kitchen Renovation photo


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