The Top Modern Kitchen Layout Ideas

Modern Kitchen photoWhen it comes to modern kitchen layout ideas, the most popular choice is a contemporary style that consists of clean lines, an open concept where the kitchen and living room share an open space, conservative colors, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. However, if you want to have a space that is more creative and interesting, then we will now look at a few layout ideas for you to consider.

The first idea we’ll look at involves the use of color in the kitchen. An all black kitchen is very modern where there are black counter tops, cupboards, light fixtures etc. However, even though this is a very chic and sleek design, you may want to make it more inviting and homey. This can be done by adding lightly colored wood to complement the black aspects of the kitchen. For example, while the kitchen counter is black, the legs or the chairs around it could be made from lightly colored wood.Modern Kitchen photo

Another common color scheme for modern kitchens is grey but this can create a very boring and dull effect. In order to spruce your kitchen up, you can add geometric backsplashes that really make your kitchen come alive. This design keeps the modern style of the kitchen but adds a fun and exciting element.

Thirdly, instead of installing typical kitchen cabinets against the walls, you can use open shelving. It may be best to use light brown unfinished wood for a beautiful but minimal effect. This not only looks eccentric and modern but it is a great option on a low budget. You can use the open shelving to showcase colorful dishes and ceramics.Modern Kitchen photo

Next, if you like an industrial designed kitchen, you can make it feel more inviting by adding flowers and a few brightly colored elements. For example, this can be a simple bowl of lemons or oranges or a vase full of roses. These splashes of color make the kitchen look more homey and certainly adds another layer of style. You can even combine industrial elements with wood to create a unique style that will definitely attract attention and admiration.

To wrap things up, we have just looked at a few modern kitchen layout ideas that you should consider when decorating or renovating your kitchen. The above ideas will make your kitchen stand out from the rest and truly make it a warm and inviting space for everyone.Modern Kitchen photo