Rustic Home Decor Ideas You Can Use

rustic decor home photoRustic home decor ideas emphasize design that focuses on natural and rugged beauty. It’s a style that embraces simple colors and earth tones. Textures are either natural or inspired by nature. In the end, a rustic space should offer a humble and organic warmth to it. In a very traditional sense, rustic style might look dark and even heavy, although the contemporary rustic style of the last few years can feel a lot more light and fresh, while still being real and grounded.

Large windows are a must if your home is close to any kind of natural setting. Whether you’re by a body of water, sitting in mountain pines, or just overlooking your yard, letting lots of natural light in is essential to rustic decor.

If there’s one component that’s central to rustic style, however, it’s the use of raw natural materials. These are used in both the decor and the architecture. The more natural all these elements appear as to the human eye, the more cohesive the rustic style you can have throughout.rustic home photo

One specific example of this might be wide plank wood floors. Given how solid yet simple they are, they’re an intuitive choice that automatically gets added to many rustic styles.

A rustic atmosphere is often similar to camping or being in a lodge, and getting together around the fire is a common way to spend the evening. A warm and inviting fireplace in the living room should be made out of materials that are natural, yet have visual weight, such as brick, stone, or rock. A chunky and thick mantel is a great addition to all of this.

For the ceilings, you don’t have to put in a canopy of different tree branches. However, wood beams across the ceiling will bring out the feeling of nature or being in the forest.

Animal hides are common decor pieces. If real hides strain against your personal beliefs, get faux animal hides that still fit. Crocodile bumps and snakeskin aren’t quite right, and there are many exotic choices that don’t fit the style either, but anything from a farm fits the bill.rustic home photo

In general, decor pieces should be hefty, and maybe even oversized. Go for things with masculine flair. Also, rooms should have very neutral colors used all throughout. You can try different colors, but do so very sparingly as to not disturb the overall style. Also, feminine pieces will easily get lost in the broader look, so they might be better off just in certain rooms. There’s no law that says you have to do rustic style in every single room.

There are of course many more rustic home decor ideas than can be posted here, but when you combine clean modern design with earthy elements, it’s almost like an intersection of the best the two styles have to offer. Keep your floor plan open, expose any natural architecture that you can, and pull it all together with modern furniture and large windows. Hopefully, these ideas will lead you to the beautiful and comforting home that you deserve.rustic decor home photo

Contemporary Home Decor Ideas

Contemporary Home photoIf you pay attention to home decor, you know that styles change over the years. Generally, what was once in vogue 50 years ago, is not in fashion today. Contemporary home decor ideas take advantage of today’s styles for an updated fresh look. What are some of today’s home decor styles?

Shag Carpeting

In our introduction, we noted that “generally” what was in style 50 years ago is not in style today. There are always exceptions. Shag carpeting made a big hit in the 60s and 70s. Today, it’s back. Not so much in the orange or avocado green of the past, but in neutral colors such as beige, brown, and blue. You will find shag carpet styles offered in physical stores and online.

Recycled and Repurposed Furniture

With today’s environmental concerns, furniture made from recycled and repurposed materials is all the rage. One example: headboards made out of old wooden doors. Instead of throwing old wooden doors from old homes away, they are being sanded, stained and repurposed as headboards for bedrooms.

Blinds and Shades Instead of Curtains

Curtains have been around for decades, but more and more they have become outdated. Contemporary home decor includes blinds and shades instead of the heavy curtains of your grandmother’s design. However, when it comes to blinds, verticle blinds are as outdated as heavy curtains. Also, in many cases, depending on the size of the windows, window coverings are being ditched entirely for an open and fresh bare window look.Contemporary Home photo

Mirrors Instead of Medicine Cabinets

Bathroom medicine cabinets were standard in the 20th century, but today’s homes are finding creative ways to store items that don’t include that traditional medicine cabinet look. A large decorative mirror is taking the place of medicine cabinets, with contents stored in other areas, such as inside the vanity, in wicker baskets, etc.

Fewer Houseplants

A home filled with houseplants is what was popular in the 20th century. Today, it looks outdated to fill your house with ferns. Choose one or two plants as accents. Stick with real plants as opposed to fake. Fake designs are also outdated. Just remember, less is more when it comes to houseplants.Contemporary Home photo

Stainless Steel Appliances

First, it was harvest gold and avocado green, then white or black, now stainless steel appliances are today’s choice. A kitchen filled with stainless steel appliances looks modern and fresh. To clean stainless steel, just choose one of the specially formulated cleaners on the market.

Dining Room Table and Chairs that Aren’t in a Set

One of the hottest contemporary home decor designs is to place matching chairs with a table of an entirely different style. Putting six black steel chairs with an antique wood table is an example of this form of design. Purchasing a dining room table and chairs as a matching set has always been the way to do it, but today’s styles are more daring and more creative than that. Everything doesn’t have to be like the traditional dining room table and chairs.Contemporary Home photo