Innovative Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom Remodel Ideas photoMaster baths are usually able to accommodate 2 people at the same time. Comfort and efficiency are as equally important. Here are a few master bathroom remodel ideas to help you with your plans for a beautiful and functional bathroom.

1. Sculptural Sinks

Above-counter vessels and basins are one of the sought-after choices to add sculptural elegance when it comes to an otherwise standard vanity. These sink types work very well in a master bathroom with an eclectic, Asian, traditional or contemporary style. The vessel sinks may require wall-mount or tall faucets.

2. Planning For Plumbing

Setting up your bathtub in an area that is soothing will mean you need to make the necessary plans for plumbing. Certain power showers and whirlpool tubs will require an upgrade in your plumbing. European or Designer fixtures usually require 3/4 -inch pipes opposed to standard ½-inch versions. If you are considering master bathroom remodel ideas that involve the purchase of one of the luxury showers which use 9-gallons of water every minute, you may need to invest in a 2nd water heater.Bathroom Remodel photo

3. Gorgeous Mirrors

Look past just the standard bathroom sections of a store when looking for a mirror. In many cases, mirrors that are intended for a space such as a living room work well in bathrooms and offer more interesting styles and details. You can add even more impact when using a glamorous chandelier.

4. Use A Focal Point

A luxury tub that accommodates two people is often the ideal center-piece for a rejuvenated or renovated master bathroom. To make sure you never run out of hot water, the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) recommends that water heaters should be a minimum of 2/3rds of the tub’s capacity.

5. Showers In A Master Bathroom

Design options that are flexible for open showers carry on inspiring homeowners that are interested in remodeling their master bathrooms. If you are interested in this shower type, you need to plan for ventilation to avoid humidity that can affect the other surfaces in the bathroom.Bathroom  photo

6. Smooth Entrances

Many homeowners prefer a luxury shower over a bathtub because a shower will take less space, offer different water massage types and do away with the danger of having to step up into a bathtub for older homeowners. Televisions are another luxury item which can make your time in your bathroom even more enjoyable.

7. Style Decisions

Choosing a faucet for your bathroom involves more that just a basic style decision. The warranty length, valve quality and finish quality are other important factors when it comes to your final purchase decision. For example, fixtures made out of solid brass may cost more, but they will last you the longest. Zinc is less expensive and durable but can corrode when the plating starts to wear off or water is exposed to the zinc.

Another consideration when it comes to modern installations are wall-mount faucet. These fixtures have become increasingly popular as they free up countertop space that offers a clean-design. You can also accent the faucet from behind with the use of mosaic tiles.Bathroom Remodel Ideas photo

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Budget Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Work

Bathroom Remodel photoRemodeling your bathroom is a wise investment. However, some bathroom renovations can be costly. Because some remodeling jobs are expensive, some people may feel they can’t remodel a bathroom. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can change the look of your bathroom without having to spend a lot of money. Here are some budget bathroom remodel ideas that work.

Freshen the Walls With Paint

One of the most affordable ways to brighten up a bathroom, or any room, is with a fresh coat of paint. Freshen the current color of the paint on your bathroom walls, or, change the color entirely. Now, keep in mind that if you hire a painter, you’ll be paying for labor. To truly save money with this step, do the painting yourself.

Put Art on the Wall

The living room or the bedroom is not the only place where you can decorate the walls with art. You can do the same thing in the bathroom. Choose art that is waterproof and that will not be damaged by shower steam. Ensure that the art matches the style of your bathroom.Bathroom Remodel photo

Paint or Replace Cabinet Hardware

What condition is the hardware on your cabinets? Is it discolored? Should it be replaced? You can easily choose new hardware at a hardware or home improvement stores and replace the hardware yourself. Or, you can paint the hardware depending on what kind is currently there.

Replace the Toilet Seat

Another highly affordable way to brighten your bathroom is to replace the toilet seat. Toilet seats are easy to remove and easy to install. You can find a wide variety of toilet seats at home improvement stores. Ensure that you choose the right size, as well.

Remove the Medicine Cabinet and Replace with a Mirror

In the 20th-century, medicine cabinets were popular design functions. However, in the 21st-century, medicine cabinets have become old-fashioned. Replace your old medicine cabinet with an attractive mirror. Then, find creative ways to store what you stored in your medicine cabinet.Bathroom Remodel photo

Replace the Shower Door or the Shower Curtain

What condition is your shower door in? How old is it? Consider replacing your current shower door with a new shower door. If you use a shower curtain, replace it with a new shower curtain. Both shower doors and shower curtains are still in fashion, and today there are a lot of styles to choose from. You can also switch a shower door with a shower curtain or vise/versa.

Replace Your Rug

Chances are you use a bathroom rug, but what condition is it in and how old is it? Today’s bathroom rugs are more attractive and more functional than older models. Consider coordinating a new bathroom rug with fresh bathroom towels.

Money continues to be tight for many people, and many may feel they are unable to renovate their bathrooms because they think they can’t afford it. However, budget bathroom remodel ideas can give you a gorgeous bath for an affordable price. Try some of these tips to brighten your bathroom.Bathroom Remodel photo

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