Great Modern Kitchen Ideas

Modern Kitchen photoThe modern/contemporary style of design is one that is highly popular, and for good reason. This design style is clean, simple, and uses neutral colors to make a bold statement. It is also fit for use in every room of the home. In this article, we will share some great ideas that you can use to transform your kitchen space into that of a beautiful modern/contemporary room.

1. Select Your Colors Carefully

As mentioned in the above paragraph, the modern/contemporary design style makes use of neutral colors primarily. This does not mean that you can’t use non-neutral colors – you just want to use them sparingly. Our suggestion? Pick one or two neutral colors that you want to use in your kitchen as a foundation to build upon as well as for bold contrast. You can use white and navy, cream and black, beige and gray, or whatever combination you so choose. You do want the colors to be different from each other, however, so that the contrast effect is quite stunning visually. Then, if you decide you would like to add an extra splash of color, select one light shade (think mint, soft pink, et cetera) to serve as an accent.Modern Kitchen photo

2. Use Your Colors Effectively

Of the modern kitchen ideas listed here, this one is the most important! The modern design style is simple, which means your colors need to pack the majority of your visual punch, and you achieve this by using them effectively. Create contrast by painting three walls of your kitchen one of your foundation colors, and then use the remaining foundation color for that fourth wall. For example, say that you decide to use white and a lovely, dark shade of gray for your kitchen. Painting three walls white and the remaining wall dark gray is going to be absolutely stunning. But don’t stop there. If you use white primarily, use dark gray to play upon this via your door and window frames, cabinets, etc.

3. Replace Your Light Fixtures and Pulls Where Appropriate

In a modern kitchen, you want to use simple light fixtures that feature plain glass and metallic accents. You also can’t go wrong with using geometric fixtures. Think square or triangle-shaped lights made of glass framed with stainless steel or another metal such as this. And while you can use nearly any type of metal that fits your preference as well as budget, you may want to steer clear of gold or bronze. The modern design style, while cozy and inviting, does not focus on too much warmth by way of color.

Take a look at the pulls and handles in your kitchen, as well. Are they sleek and metallic? If not, you may want to replace them. Fortunately, this is not an expensive thing to do for your kitchen.Modern Kitchen photo

4. Be Cautious With Accessories

With the foundation of your modern kitchen in place, you can use accessories and accents to flesh out your space. Add a rug, simple wall hangings, and even a plant or two to give your modern kitchen some charm. Just be sure to keep it minimal and avoid the end result being too “busy.” Geometric prints are lovely additions to the modern home, and here you can use your accent color as well to add that splash of color.

Are you ready for a sleek and sophisticated modern kitchen? These modern kitchen ideas will have your space just the way you want it in no time.Modern Kitchen photo