Great Modern Kitchen Ideas

Modern Kitchen photoThe modern/contemporary style of design is one that is highly popular, and for good reason. This design style is clean, simple, and uses neutral colors to make a bold statement. It is also fit for use in every room of the home. In this article, we will share some great ideas that you can use to transform your kitchen space into that of a beautiful modern/contemporary room.

1. Select Your Colors Carefully

As mentioned in the above paragraph, the modern/contemporary design style makes use of neutral colors primarily. This does not mean that you can’t use non-neutral colors – you just want to use them sparingly. Our suggestion? Pick one or two neutral colors that you want to use in your kitchen as a foundation to build upon as well as for bold contrast. You can use white and navy, cream and black, beige and gray, or whatever combination you so choose. You do want the colors to be different from each other, however, so that the contrast effect is quite stunning visually. Then, if you decide you would like to add an extra splash of color, select one light shade (think mint, soft pink, et cetera) to serve as an accent.Modern Kitchen photo

2. Use Your Colors Effectively

Of the modern kitchen ideas listed here, this one is the most important! The modern design style is simple, which means your colors need to pack the majority of your visual punch, and you achieve this by using them effectively. Create contrast by painting three walls of your kitchen one of your foundation colors, and then use the remaining foundation color for that fourth wall. For example, say that you decide to use white and a lovely, dark shade of gray for your kitchen. Painting three walls white and the remaining wall dark gray is going to be absolutely stunning. But don’t stop there. If you use white primarily, use dark gray to play upon this via your door and window frames, cabinets, etc.

3. Replace Your Light Fixtures and Pulls Where Appropriate

In a modern kitchen, you want to use simple light fixtures that feature plain glass and metallic accents. You also can’t go wrong with using geometric fixtures. Think square or triangle-shaped lights made of glass framed with stainless steel or another metal such as this. And while you can use nearly any type of metal that fits your preference as well as budget, you may want to steer clear of gold or bronze. The modern design style, while cozy and inviting, does not focus on too much warmth by way of color.

Take a look at the pulls and handles in your kitchen, as well. Are they sleek and metallic? If not, you may want to replace them. Fortunately, this is not an expensive thing to do for your kitchen.Modern Kitchen photo

4. Be Cautious With Accessories

With the foundation of your modern kitchen in place, you can use accessories and accents to flesh out your space. Add a rug, simple wall hangings, and even a plant or two to give your modern kitchen some charm. Just be sure to keep it minimal and avoid the end result being too “busy.” Geometric prints are lovely additions to the modern home, and here you can use your accent color as well to add that splash of color.

Are you ready for a sleek and sophisticated modern kitchen? These modern kitchen ideas will have your space just the way you want it in no time.Modern Kitchen photo

Contemporary Home Decor Ideas

Contemporary Home photoIf you pay attention to home decor, you know that styles change over the years. Generally, what was once in vogue 50 years ago, is not in fashion today. Contemporary home decor ideas take advantage of today’s styles for an updated fresh look. What are some of today’s home decor styles?

Shag Carpeting

In our introduction, we noted that “generally” what was in style 50 years ago is not in style today. There are always exceptions. Shag carpeting made a big hit in the 60s and 70s. Today, it’s back. Not so much in the orange or avocado green of the past, but in neutral colors such as beige, brown, and blue. You will find shag carpet styles offered in physical stores and online.

Recycled and Repurposed Furniture

With today’s environmental concerns, furniture made from recycled and repurposed materials is all the rage. One example: headboards made out of old wooden doors. Instead of throwing old wooden doors from old homes away, they are being sanded, stained and repurposed as headboards for bedrooms.

Blinds and Shades Instead of Curtains

Curtains have been around for decades, but more and more they have become outdated. Contemporary home decor includes blinds and shades instead of the heavy curtains of your grandmother’s design. However, when it comes to blinds, verticle blinds are as outdated as heavy curtains. Also, in many cases, depending on the size of the windows, window coverings are being ditched entirely for an open and fresh bare window look.Contemporary Home photo

Mirrors Instead of Medicine Cabinets

Bathroom medicine cabinets were standard in the 20th century, but today’s homes are finding creative ways to store items that don’t include that traditional medicine cabinet look. A large decorative mirror is taking the place of medicine cabinets, with contents stored in other areas, such as inside the vanity, in wicker baskets, etc.

Fewer Houseplants

A home filled with houseplants is what was popular in the 20th century. Today, it looks outdated to fill your house with ferns. Choose one or two plants as accents. Stick with real plants as opposed to fake. Fake designs are also outdated. Just remember, less is more when it comes to houseplants.Contemporary Home photo

Stainless Steel Appliances

First, it was harvest gold and avocado green, then white or black, now stainless steel appliances are today’s choice. A kitchen filled with stainless steel appliances looks modern and fresh. To clean stainless steel, just choose one of the specially formulated cleaners on the market.

Dining Room Table and Chairs that Aren’t in a Set

One of the hottest contemporary home decor designs is to place matching chairs with a table of an entirely different style. Putting six black steel chairs with an antique wood table is an example of this form of design. Purchasing a dining room table and chairs as a matching set has always been the way to do it, but today’s styles are more daring and more creative than that. Everything doesn’t have to be like the traditional dining room table and chairs.Contemporary Home photo

How to Select Modern Living Room Furniture

Living Room photoA style of decorating that is becoming increasingly more popular is the modern-contemporary theme. And while this theme is certainly lovely to use throughout the home, it can be difficult to know exactly how to arrange furniture in a way that is true to the modern theme, as well as how to accessorize the space. In this article, we will share tips on selecting modern living room furniture and accessories that speak well to the modern home.

1. Sofas and Chairs

The foundation for any living room is a comfortable place to sit. And in the modern-contemporary living room, your seating is an excellent way to set the tone for your space. If you have a small living room to work with, consider adding a loveseat and a chair. In a larger space, you can’t go wrong with a sectional or a couch that comfortably sits three. So what differentiates normal furniture with modern-contemporary furniture?Living Room photo

When browsing for your seating, it’s important to look through options that are sleek and simple. A modern loveseat or chair will be almost square-shaped, and not busy when it comes to fabric or print. Keep in mind that simplicity is the foundation for the modern-contemporary design theme, and this extends toward the color scheme. Colors used in the modern theme are crisp, clean, and neutral. Think white, gray, navy blue, black, and even cream. So when you are shopping for your furniture, look through options that feature these colors. It is recommended that you do not buy prints – plain black, white, or your chosen color is the best choice. You can accessorize your furniture later with prints, but it’s best to stay simple.

One word about selecting the color of your furniture: the modern style relies heavily on contrast. So it is recommended to choose items that set themselves apart from the color of your room. Are your living room walls white, or your carpet beige? You may want to select furniture that is gray, or black. Is your room painted dark? A clean, white loveseat will look simply beautiful.

2. Mirrors and Lighting Fixtures

This category will be relatively simple. Mirrors make excellent decoration as well as functional items in the modern home. Choose geometric mirrors, as well as lighting fixtures, that feature glass or metal. Silver or black-plated metal is your best option.Living Room photo

3. Accessories

The best way to accessorize your modern living room? Pillows, rugs, and plants. Add greenery to your corners and even place hanging foliage on your walls. Accent your furniture with throw pillows (one or two per couch, and no more than one per chair) that sticks with the modern color scheme. If you want to play with pattern, select patterns that are simple and geometric.

Rugs make a huge statement in a modern living room. We recommend a large rug, whether it be shag or otherwise. A rug that is not shag looks best when purchased in a geometric pattern. Partial to shag rugs? Select one that is not patterned, as the texture is enough character for your space. Black or white is a perfect choice, and really works to bring contrast to your modern living room furniture.Living Room photo