DIY Room Decor Ideas You Will Love

DIY Room Decor photoWhen decorating your space, you can not only give each room your own signature, so-to-speak, when you create your decorative items but you can also recycle old things you no longer use. And an added bonus? You can save yourself some money instead of overspend on decorations at the store! In this article, we will share some fun and fabulous DIY room decor ideas you will be sure to love.Chalkboard  photo

1. DIY Chalkboard Ideas

There is a world of opportunity that opens up when you discover chalkboard paint. This is a crafty resource that you will be sure to adore when you engage in DIY room decor. The first idea is excellent for those who are renting, and cannot make any permanent changes to their living space. Here is what you will need:

– Chalkboard paint (available in most craft stores)
– Primer
– A surface to serve as your chalkboard

In most craft stores you can find chalkboard paint in a spray can, which is convenient for use and helps to cut down on the mess. One spray can of chalkboard paint is generally less than ten dollars, but you will want to pick up some primer, as well. This can also be found in a spray can. As for your surface, you can use a shaped piece of wood (also available in craft stores), an old mirror, or even a plate.

Spray your surface with primer and allow this to dry. Next, evenly spray a layer of chalkboard paint to your surface and let this dry. Add another layer and let this dry, as well, and then you are ready to use your new chalkboard!

For those who own their own home, consider using chalkboard paint on one wall in your home. The steps are the same as when you are making a smaller chalkboard, although you may want to purchase chalkboard paint in a can and brush it on the wall to save yourself money photo

2. Put Those Pennies to Good Use

These two DIY room decor ideas are great for those who have a large number of pennies that they have saved. The first idea is for those who are renting or do not desire a permanent change in their room. You will need:

– Pennies
– A vase
– Strong glue

You can use a vase of any size for this project, but you will need to use glue that is strong enough to attach the pennies to the vase. Simply take the pennies you have and glue them onto the vase, covering it as best as you can. The finished result is a beautiful bronze vase that adds character to any room.

The next idea using pennies? Create a beautiful bronze mosaic floor! You will need to own your home or have permission to make a significant change to your space. To start, you will need a decent number of pennies, or enough to cover the floor you are choosing to work with. Make sure the floor is stripped to the subflooring, as well. Use a strong glue, and then add your pennies. It may take some time, but the finished floor will be truly breathtaking. This idea is perfect for bathrooms as well as kitchen spaces!DIY Room Decor photo

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